Coconut Meet My T-Zones

Local people from Island where parrots caw and fresh fruit grows seem like a lucky bunch. I mean who wouldn’t want to dive their toes into warm sad, settle under a palm tree and tan the day away? Well there is a mildly dangerous interruption when it comes to that dream. What is it?
Coconuts.ImageWherever you go, there with be signs to warn you for your own safety, because these fruits are rather malicious.

What you can get from coconuts though, can be classified as useful, helpful, necessary, delicious, but not malicious in anyway. That is of course, if you keep her head out of the way of these falling fruits.

So other then Coconut cream pie and Almond joys, why would someone use coconut for anything? The answer is, it isn’t just anything, it is EVERYTHING you would use coconut for. The oil which can be more of a solid has some many editable uses and beauty uses that it can be overwhelming. So lets start today with a beauty use!

Do you suffer from dry skin? Is it flaky, itchy, does it get red?

No this isn’t a cheesy infomercial that says if you by this lotion that cost $150 your skin will clear up and you’ll look 13 years younger.


Actually if you walk down to the grocery store right now and drop $10 on a jar of coconut oil, you’ll be set for god knows how long.

Bring it home and separate it out, get a spoonful and put it in a little dish, an you have your allotted moisturizer for the next few months!

Yes Months!

So you have dry skin right? That means your oil content in your skin just isn’t to the right level and why would moisturizers really help, as soon as you put them on and they dry it feels like your skin tightens and it has gotten worse right? Well I’m not a Dermatologist, but I have used coconut oil for my own dry skin problems and I have notices extreme differences.

So dip the tip of your pinky in the oil and use that on your dry areas, don’t put too much, remember this is oil. Test it out, try it daily, seriously, you don’t need a lot and your skin will feel a lot better and look a lot better.

I only know this from research and a slight understanding in health. The body needs Omega-3 fats, and often (during winter months) when your skin starts to get dry and flaky, then there is a good chance that you aren’t getting enough Omega-3 fats in your diet, since the skin is the window of the health on the insides.

So I challenge you, get a jar, use a tiny dollop and apply it to your skin, and do it daily for the next few weeks and then let me know how it goes! I know it worked with my “T zones” and my eyebrows that seemed to collect dead skin. (Gross I know!)
Good lucking looking beautiful!

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