Healthier Oil Option

Are you aware that coconut oil actually improves your blood lipids? Do you know what blood lipids are? Yeah, neither do I.


What I do know about is the ever going fight with weight and getting healthy. Many of us have to focus on how we look, and others focus on general fitness.


Coconut oil has been offered up to us as a healthy oil to cook with and use in every day dietary and physical use. Ever heard of lauric acid, yeah I haven’t either, however even light research shows that lauric acid helps with cholesterol levels, lowering it, which also helps restore normal thyroid function.


The fats in coconut oil are healthy for the liver to break down.
It was in 2009 a study found that consuming 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks lowered amounts of abdominal fats. So smaller stomachs using healthier oil, seems promising doesn’t it?


If you want a healthier option when consuming oils, or wanting flavor (which I will touch on more in depth) coconut oil is definitely the best way to go.