Hair Care Coco Ware

by myrawrz

Want luscious locks that make the women in Pantene commercials jealous? Yeah I would too, it makes you wonder about all the products for sale to “help” your split end’s, fried hair and little frizzy flyway’s?

model-close-brunette-up-face-girl-hair-woman-427160Well lets try a natural route, everything has oil in it, this is just less goopy and probably much better for you and for everything around you. So what is this fantastic product, well like every other post before and after, Coconut oil?

Ah yes, the fantastic smelling coconut oil, but BE CAREFUL. This you want to put on very lightly, after all this is oil and you don’t want a cup of it in your hair.

Let’s start with one trick to use coconut oil for. The most frustrating thing for having curly or waving hair is that often little strands will stick out when you put it up. Well take the smallest dollop you can and spread it over the flyways. It is healthier and easier to use then hair spray, and the smell wont make you choke.

Now, moving on from everyday frizzy and static strands sticking out, to making a healthy head of hair. Here is a great tip many websites suggest, a good thing to help revitalize your hair to make it shinier, softer and hopefully help heal or get rid of the split ends.

Fashion model with long blond hair.Taking a small scoop of coconut oil (always remember less is more with this stuff). Start with the ends of your hair; work the oil up your hair (if you have hair that gets greasy easily like mine, you don’ t need to put it in your roots).

Either way 30 minutes or keeps it in all night. (If you take the night route, remember to put down a towel so you don’t stain your pillow and or sheets.)

Afterwards go take a sstraight-hair-model-in-red-colorhower, rinse it out and shampoo and condition like you usually would.

Coconut oil as been known to actually penetrate the inner part of your hair, which can not only improve the strength, but the flexibility. So good luck in preventing hair damage, and remember coconut oil can fix mostly anything.