Coco Clean

by myrawrz

You can’t blame a woman for wanting to look amazing can you? After all, we like to feel confident about ourselves, so we put on make-up. Beautiful, shiny, colorful make-up that is a serious pain in the ass to get off. You find one thing that works but it makes you break out, another isn’t strong enough, a different one has a smell that makes your eyes sting, all things that just aren’t good.
So after all this cooking, and partying, you just want to crawl into bed so lets get rid of this eye make – up.
Now I found an amazing tutorial, all images and I feel that there isn’t as much of a need to describe the instructions.

For those of you a bit confused though, apply, wipe of, and repeat.
It is a natural remedy good for your skin, and healthy plus if anything it smells way better then anything else you could try!