Coco meet Cocoa

by myrawrz

If you are like and decided to move to an ice cube of a state. Or country. There is one thing that can change anyone’s mood around, making someone warm up and cheer up. Hot chocolate.

hot coco
Now this is a blog about coconut oil right? Well I came across a very good recipe that I tried and had to say I really loved it. There is nothing like salted chocolate, and coconut. Who doesn’t love an Almond Joy?
“So tell us, this marvelous, magical, delicious recipe,” you might say. Well I don’t suppose I have to repeat to you the health benefits of Coconut oil but how about something new?
The health benefits of chocolate!
Fact 1:
A Swedish study that took 9 years (!), researched more that 31,000 woman, and the ones that at 1-2 servings of dark chocolate each week managed to cut their risk of heart failure by 1/3!
Fact 2:
University of Copenhagen researched chocolate and how it makes someone feel more satiated, creating less cravings and helping to not need sweet, salty, or fatty foods. Meaning that it is a great aid in losing weight!
Fact 3:
Finnish study found that when women ate chocolate daily WHILE pregnant, helped them to feel less stressed and the babies born were much happier and smiling more!
Fact 4:
Claudio Ferri M.D. a professor at the University of L’Aquila in Italy studied dark chocolate and the affects on diabetes statin, “Flavonoids increase nitric oxide production, and that helps control insulin sensitivity.” Meaning that it does help insulin levels and diabetes! (Talk to your doctor first!)
Fact 5:
Swiss scientist found that with 1.5 oz of dark chocolate every day for 2 weeks helps to lower stress hormones! Helping you to not want to curl up in a ball and cry about life!
Fact 6:
London researchers tested chocolate and the flavonols and how, and after 3 months eating chocolate with high levels of flavonols, the study showed skin too TWICE as long to redden and burn! Eat chocolate and go tanning!
Fact 7:
University of Nottingham found that when you drink cocoa rich with flavanols, your blood boosts in flow to key parts of the brain for 2-3 hours, improving performance, alertness, and short term! Maybe a stash in the office drawer wouldn’t hurt.
Fact 8:
Have a cough? Chocolate has been said to quiet coughs. The feel-good effect chocolate gives may help suppress part of the brain call the vagus nerve. Maria Belvisi (a professor of respiratory pharmacology at the National Heart and Lung Institute in London) says, “It had none of the negative side effects (codeine has on most people.”
Fact 9:
The children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, realized those Flavonoids bind to a protein in the body that helps to regulate fluid secretion in the small intestines. Chocolate helps with everything!

Now that we have spoken about these curious and somewhat gross things, here is that amazing recipe I promised you all!

1 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil
1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (rich in flavonoid)
Pinch of Himalayan Salt
¼ tspn Organic Whole Sugar

Boil water and pour into bug. Stir in the coconut oil, then the cocoa powder, follow with the salt. Then the sugar, more or less to taste!